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Full Moon Blessing

Updated: Feb 9

I was reminded last night that

Tonight, is the full moon…

I had been experiencing such an intense amount of emotion and energy.  My feelings were chaotically spiraling all over the place.  My legs felt like they were on fire and my soul felt like it was being rubbed down with sandpaper.  I almost deleted my social media accounts.

Fluttering moments of elation…

With sudden intrusions of internal negative dialog hitting me in the head like

Thor’s hammer...

And volcanic eruptions of electrical impulses shorting in and out, all over my body!

Sweet Jesus,

What is happening?

Ah yes, the Moon and her tides have this way with me and I somehow forget this. I am always caught unprepared.  This morning I made the priority of a gentle movement unwind Reiki dance in my kitchen.

That’s a mouth full (I know)

I’ve shared the video here in case you feel called to receive a bit of love right now. Nothing fancy, just me in my dark kitchen with Mei-lan Maurits as my muse.

Relax, breathe, open your heart and receive.  There’s not much you need to do, just allow yourself to feel the intention of Love dance with you.   If the feeling moves you to …I invite you to move along, gently allowing your heart space to unfold petal by petal until you feel the Love that surrounds you beginning to integrate within you as you so gently, gently move…and breathe…

If I were to ask the Moon to dance this is what I think she’d say to me:

Dear child,

I love it when you dance with me.  When you take the time to feel my light tickling your skin while gazing at my many stars, wondering about who and what you are.

You’re holding too many feelings in. What you’re feeling is akin to a snake shedding its skin.  I am here to remind you to let go, release what is not yours or no longer serving you for your highest good,

stretch, expand, contract

again and again and again

Feel the space free up in and around you as you fold in and out and in

Let the old fall away, hold a funeral for it if you must, but trust



Know that you are safe

Know that you are loved

Come to me in your minds eye and I’ll hold you


Rock a by baby bye bye

I post this with the intention of love and light and many blessings so that you can give wing to whatever inspires your Heart to sing. 

Boundless gratitude to Mei-lan Maurits for her permission to use her music in my movement blessings. <3

Coming home

The first time I heard Mei-lan sing it was a coming of home of sorts.  Thank you for the beacon of light that shines so bright even when I find myself lost at sea xo


Put on whatever clothing (or no clothing) that makes you feel beautiful.  Let your hair down, take time to purge everything that is whirling around your heart out onto paper and burn it if you feel inclined.  If you can’t see the moon tonight, find a picture that speaks to you and softly gaze upon her. 


your wishes, your hopes, your fears out into the velvety night and let them take flight…. Gently move if that feels good to you. 

How do you feel?  I’d love to hear, drop me a comment below xo

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