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What’s Your Story Man?

Updated: Feb 9

Tonight I rewrote my story of 20 some years where I lock all 3 copies of my car key inside my car.

This time I locked one key in the car but luckily had my apartment key in hand and had mindfully left a backup inside my apartment.

I am feeling most proud of myself for not having to call a tow truck AGAIN, then proceeding to watch another painful attempt of breaking into my old school SUV, that I’ve learned is quite challenging to break into, short of breaking the window.

So what’s your story man? And is it serving you in the way you want it to?

Sometimes I apparently write like a stoner in an attempt to capture people’s attention. I think I’m still drunk on the feeling of success from unlocking my car. That task is just so much easier when you have the key! Ha-ha!

We have access to a plethora of stories at any given time that we may pull from ours or others’ life experiences. Our life conditions or experiences are telling of the stories we share with ourselves or others.

It usually comes out when we introduce ourselves somewhere new or while giving ourselves some self pep talk. It will explain why we are the way we think we are or the way we think the world sees us; or why we keep attracting the people or events that we do.

We use our stories to justify our circumstances and at times we can really get bound up in these stories to where they become somewhat debilitating.

The world sees what we tell it to! And we see what we look for when we look out into the world. Whatever we look for we will find! Our attention to it zeros in and draws it into our experience.

Whatever story we tell defines our life. So if I don’t like my life or parts of it, I can change the story I tell around it! I’ve been told this can be referred to as “reframing”.

I get it and I dig it man!

What story are you telling and is it serving you? If not, go on and change it up!


Successfully unlocking doors while channeling my inner hippie

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