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About the Teacher, Entrepreneur, Writer and Author

Welcome to Anita Elliott's Personal Website

Anita Elliott is a passionate, creative individual who loves to explore and share the joys of self-discovery, personal growth, and mindful living. As a blogger, author, and lifelong learner, Anita brings a unique perspective to her writing and products, inspiring others to explore their own paths to fulfillment and happiness.

Throughout her diverse career and life experiences, Anita has developed a deep understanding of what it means to follow one's heart and pursue their passions. This journey has led her to create Souldancer, a blog dedicated to exploring the depths of the human experience and encouraging readers to express themselves through journaling, mindful movement and creativity.

On this website, you can learn more about Anita, read her latest blog posts, and explore her products and current services.

If you're looking for inspiration, insights, or a simple moment of relaxation and reflection, Anita's website is the place to be.

Anita Elliott - A Brief Biography:

Anita Elliott is an adventurous soul who infuses passion, creativity, and laughter into everything she does. As a teacher, entrepreneur, writer, and author, Anita has a gift for fostering connections and empowering individuals to embrace their uniqueness and make a positive impact.

With a background in various dance disciplines, Trauma Informed Myofascial Yoga, Reiki, and Mental Health First Aid, Anita brings a diverse skill set to her work. She owned a successful dance studio for 14 years, cultivating a space where everyone felt like a star. Her experience as a Virtual Assistant and Property Manager honed her organizational skills, creative problem-solving abilities, and talent for building harmonious relationships.

As a published author, Anita wrote "The Butterfly, Believe," a children's book that inspires readers to believe in themselves. She also owned and operated a café, where she infused creativity into every cup of coffee and crafted unique experiences for her customers.

Anita's notable achievements include being awarded the Governor General Arts Pin and being featured in local press for her contributions to the arts and community.

Anita's values of authenticity, freedom, and meaningful connections shine through in her work. She sees life as a beautiful choreography waiting to unfold, and invites you to join her in the dance.

Connect with Anita through her blog, Souldancer Sanctuary here on this site where she shares in-depth explorations and invites you to say hello.

In Love and Light, Anita wishes you a journey filled with people, places, and experiences that light up your soul.

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