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Updated: Feb 9

Balance has been on my mind a lot lately. Probably because I feel somewhat lacking in this department again. My core muscles are laughingly non existent and my emotions meander around the cosmos haphazardly crashing into stars, planets and at times black holes.

Balance, essential for injury prevention both emotionally and physically, I find it to be fleeting or rather teasing. Yes, Balance is a tease I’ve decided. Just when I think I’ve got it and I’m experiencing positive momentum I run into a glass door or I take an emotional cliff dive. I’m not one for heights but who doesn’t like a good rush now and then?

I’ve taken chances in the past chasing after that “rush” and while an adventurous ride usually ensues there’s usually quite a low that follows which can sometimes swallow you whole if you‘re caught off guard. So balance….what does it mean to achieve balance and how does one experience or maintain that?

I am no master of anything but I do know the times I have felt balanced both physically and emotionally usually came shortly after spending time in nature or practicing yoga/meditation and yet I rarely take the time to do this. I write lists of goals and intentions and daydream full heartedly but taking the time to sit my butt down and just breathe until everything feels slow like I`m water dancing or feeling at peace rarely happens.

Balance….when I reflect on this today it feels strongly rooted in the present moment, feeling earthy, strong, secure and unyielding. Balance is not easily charmed, needing nothing and demanding nothing. Balance does not care how many likes your recent social media post received, she does not spend time or energy worrying about others opinions. She doesn’t constantly busy herself for fear of what bubbles up when all is quiet. She lovingly remains present, all accepting, simply observing without judgment and as always unconditionally loving.

I plan on sitting every morning and every evening for 5 minutes in silence, even better if it’s in nature but I’ll start with baby steps. One of my favorite past times is getting lost in endless reflection so I’ll hopefully build from that . It’s been a very long time since I have felt creative energy stirring within. Taking this time is my way of inviting it back in.

Balance…what does it mean to you? What helps you feel balanced?

Sincerely, Tip toeing across parking lot curbs

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