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Updated: Feb 9

Window presents a Morning who seems to be unsure of whether or not she wants to rain or snow so she’s teasing the glass with a foggy mist.

Inspiration floats lazily between clouds of dreams on days like this. Kicking her feet with no rush to get anywhere or do anything while I sit amused, embraced by my cup of tea.

I’m thankful for moments like these, with time to ponder on all sorts of things like how thankful I am for the friends and family I have in this life.

As I lean further into this feeling of gratitude it warms me with a smile that spirals around my heart and radiates out.

This weekend was a “self care” theme I had been planning for a while. While an unexpected appointment caught me by surprise and led me to cancel and rearrange some original plans, I loved my weekend regardless.

I had the opportunity to experience a Thai Massage with the multi-talented Tanya Ryan (which I topped off with infusing Young Living‘s “White Angelica“ essential oil ♥️ that seems to spin a heavenly and protective, womb like feeling. (Thank you Kari! XO).

If a Thai massage is something that peaks your interest I strongly recommend you book a session. Tanya’s skill set combined with her ability to intuit lends this experience a unique opportunity for healing and relief. The option to have unconscious thoughts or holding patterns brought forth into the light is also super cool! I will be definitely coming back, I’m not so sure that self treatment or typical massage can get into some of the places that Thai massage does.

Also “Fascia” educated therapy of any kind is so, so, so good for you! Get your tissues moving and hydrated and you’ll be amazed at what healing your body can do all on its own.

Our souls long for the experiences of pleasure and pain and to feel a plethora of feelings but we can refine how long and how deeply we choose to sit with them.

They are not meant to be held onto which causes stagnation in the physical body. Any type of fascia work is such a wonderful tool in getting your body feeling juicy again!

As we begin to observe from mindfulness or being present we can shift out of, what can sometimes feel like , violent reactions bouncing out of control and the feeling of being victimized that can come with that.

Christine Wushke’s book “Freedom is Your Nature” pops back into my mind here again, as something she expressed landed with me, regarding our feelings are not ours to grasp or cling to but merely universal energy that passes through us as part of this human experience (or something similar to that, I need to read it again)

Dreams have been whispering “it’s time” for some time now….. time to stop brooding about, time to let creativity out. Time to pull forth from the infinite realms of possibilities with a fresh perspective of freedom as opposed to feeling burdened with so many choices or impulses (Thank you for that inspirational kick in the ass Tanya ;-).

Time to get to work and have some fun! Do you have some dreams that have grown dusty on the back shelf of your mind?

There’s nothing like a misty Spring Sunday to start some house keeping. Perhaps see what now needs to be thrown out or if something new and wondrous is winking at you.

  • You can book a session with Tanya by call or text 403-305-8614;

  • If you’re interested in reading Christine Wushke’s book or soaking up any of her yoga training /workshops check out her website at

  • If essential oils are something you’d like to look into you can head on over to

Sincerely, Daydreaming

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