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Good Morning Beautiful

I'm sitting here clinging to my morning cup of coffee waiting for my eyes to open but I'm still somehow managing to have a stare down with one of my kitchen mantras. It's on a pretty sign and it reads “Good morning Beautiful”.

“Blow it out your ars”

is the first thing that came to my mind (Ya, I have mornings like that).

Not Today Sign, Not Today

It’s an “I woke up on the wrong side of the bed” kind of morning but that will change by the time I finish writing this post.  I love feeling creative again and allowing myself this time first thing in the morning to write and to gently move (right now it's in my kitchen).

This mornings musings had to find their way through the many whirling thoughts racing through my head. I've been finding ways to feel my way back into my body and away from my "head" that never stops grinding. This helps to ground and bring me clarity.

You're beautiful! No, you're beautiful!

How easy is it to tell someone else that they are beautiful?  How easy is it to tell yourself that you’re beautiful?

I find it easy to compliment others (although I’d still like to see myself doing it more because it feels good, often times I'm thinking it and forget to say it outloud) but

Holy Catfish Batman!

Do I ever struggle with saying that to myself. Makes my skin crawl some days (I’m working on it). Our thoughts and words are powerful so be kind with yourself and others.

Pink Shmink

I've decided this is why it took me so long to resonate even a little bit with Louise Hay’s work not to mention the color pink which I used to be allergic too LOL.  I’ve read in past that pink is associated with self love. I am able to tolerate it in small does now 😊 I'm becoming OK with the pink and feeling proud of that!

Sally and John

I remember reading somewhere at some point and time that our brains don’t know the difference between them and us, you or I. It doesn’t know how to differentiate between Sally, John or ourselves when we are thinking or speaking.If that’s true then any negative or positive thought I think and or say about someone else, my brain registers it as self talk. That’s actually a pretty genius design of the brain. It’s like a built-in mechanism that doesn’t allow me to hurt anyone else without also hurting myself. Although I’d rather there be no hurting,

It takes two to Tango…

In my life experience I’ve observed that no one else can actually hurt me unless I've decided to receive it, tune into it or take up a part in that "story".  My engagement will be in relation to my own thoughts, triggers, unhealed wounds or conditioning/programming.  It’s a dance of sorts. 

5 Second Rule -ewwwww you’re going to eat that!?

When I’m in the moment feeling hurt or triggered it can be pretty hard to remember that I actually have a choice and my brain likes to take me down some very well worn paths of “woe is me” but man it’s so empowering once I’m able to make that shift and remember in the moment that I have a choice to pick it up (and eat it) or not. 

New Muscles

I can choose not to take the bait and guess what happens next? Flexing new neural pathways ya’ll, woot woot!

Wanna Dance?

When I find myself feeling hurt, I think it's fun to ask myself if the person I feel hurt by is someone I want to be dancing with.  If the answer is yes then I’ll let myself Tango away in my head and usually retreat to disarm the ticking bomb.  I don't want it accidentally going off while I'm trying to inspect it. I find it helpful to remember that I have the power to CHOOSE who it is I’m dancing with (metaphorically of course).

In any case paying attention to the intention and energy of both thoughts and words regardless of who or where they are directed is a wise and helpful thing to do in contributing to the overall betterment of myself, others and my planet.

We’re all one and the same. ~

That inspires me (when I remember) to be more mindful of thoughts, intention and words, to keep my mind's garden clean and to keep the weeds pulled or at least witnessed so I can put them in their proper place.

Don’t Freak Out!

This used to add a layer of stress and frustration for me because of course we are going to have negative thoughts sometimes.I would feel so helpless or angry when they’d pop up or take me for a long ride.I have recently found relief in the thought that it’s helpful to spend time building a compassion and awareness around them, not feeling shameful or helpless or angry but being lovingly aware.


When anger or shame surface I can give them a space to be held too. Treating them all like a precious little child. They are an energetic part of me but they don’t always speak truth or need to be in the driver’s seat making all of my decisions. They make…

Shitty Drivers!I can however, acknowledge and hold space for them.

The power of "I love you man"

When I surrender, embrace and love all these parts of myself, they can transmute becoming pure energy to be released back into the ethers.

I’m rubber and you’re glue

They no longer “stick” or have power or any “charge” to them, they’re just energy floating by that I can choose to grab onto and use (or not).


Whatever you say bounces off me and sticks to you :-P

Today’s post was inspired by:

💫 My sign - I bought my beautiful sign from the Branch Market and Studio, it was made by Inspired Findings who you can check out at Lots of fun & pretty words!

Bounce it off with today’s move: Rebounding – gently bounce in a rhythm that feels good for you, experiment starting really small and gentle.

Nutritious movement doesn’t have to be complicated, graceful or pretty.

Try tiny and controlled bounces then loosen up a bit larger and let everything flop around. Let the bouncing move into movement that feels good to you in this moment. When you feel like you’ve had enough bouncing up and down, stand still, close your eyes and just notice ... what you feel in your body ... Blood rushing? Vibrating? Wooshing? What did you feel?

Share the good, the bad and the ugly with me. Sum it up in emojis down below!😁👇

Mix it up with today’s song:

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