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Mark Your Territory

Updated: Feb 9

My soul will never tire of storytelling, laughter or music. I have my family to thank for this and this morning this is what I am smiling in gratitude for. Like all families we have had our share of heartache and dysfunction but spiralling through the ever present chaos that life breathes has always been laughter, love and music.

I come from a family of storytellers, healers, jokesters, one man bands, dancers, banjo pickers and piano players. I used to love falling asleep underneath the dining room table while my family visited playing cards listening to their stories and laughter. Music is something I feel in my bones and I hope to learn how to play an instrument one day other than just tap dancing with my feet.

Our ability to laugh at ourselves, through the darkness or pain or turn misfortune into a funny knee slapping story (we may be the only ones knee slapping at times) is a favourite super power of mine. I refer to it as a super power as my life observations have taught me that not everyone is able to do this or appreciate this but there is healing and music in laughter and I have no intention of turning that off.

Yesterday I had the opportunity to spend the day with one of my favourite people, the lovely and multi-talented Miss Tanya Ryan. (If you are a music fan you can follow her on Facebook or You tube )

Today’s story comes to you via a West Highland white terrier named Harvey that Tanya happened to be babysitting while I was visiting. Harvey happens to be an energetic and joyful ball of white fur! He is hilarious and most likely did stand up comedy in a past life, somewhat mischievous and doubles as a ninja escape artist. About 5 minutes after my arrival Harvey decided to mark me as his territory by peeing on my leg which is a first for me so I was a little taken back for the first few seconds. I woke up this morning still laughing about this!

Later in the evening Tanya was sharing her thoughts on owning your wisdom during a discussion around, for simplicity sake we will say marketing, and being mindful of the words used to communicate to your audience. I have always been reluctant to state claims of “knowing” anything as I “feel” nothing is constant in this universe and I will forever be a student. Always moving, growing, expanding or contracting, life is constantly in flux and I “think” the minute I have clarity or something figured out a whole new level or playing field opens up.

For this reason I still prefer to write in pencil and tend to use words like I “think” or “feel”…..or “perhaps”….refusing to commit or stake claim to “this is what I know today” knowing that this could completely change in a blink of an eye or by reframing any given situation.

Today I am challenging myself to confidently stake claim to what I know in this moment and like Harvey mark my territory!

Today I know this…We can show up for ourselves and own it while still remaining open to new ideas and perceptions and there is so much more to tap into when conspiring with the universe versus solo! So lift your leg high and lift it proud! What territory will you mark for the day?

PS: Thank you for allowing me the privilege of peeing all over your computer screen this morning! (Hahhaha ok I’m aware that may be one of those I’m the only one knee slapping laughing moments)


Tap dancing in the kitchen

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