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My Toes Remember

Updated: Feb 9

I`ve decided to give my toes the task of remembering for me when I find myself in a dark place. Remembering wonderful moments when I’m not feeling that wonderful. You know those times when things just feel…well, dark. Those days when you can`t think of a worthwhile reason to get out of bed.

Fortunately, I havent been in that space for awhile now but that Storm comes and she goes, so I always have my rain boots on. I like to be prepared!

Most of us have heard the saying “I felt that right down to my toes”. I was daydreaming yesterday after a lovely group meditation about how soft smoothe pebbles feel on my toes and how much it delights me when I take the time to notice. This then took me down a rabbit hole of how different moments have felt through my toes over the years ….

My Toes Remember

My toes remember

What River`s pebble knows

And how the dewy Grass can hold

The space between them

My toes remember

Childhood`s dirt roads

Where Spring`s mushrooms would unfold

And how after Dad would cook them

My toes remember

Warm Sand and her stories told

With hidden sparkly secrets shown

When I looked close enough to see them

My toes remember

Summer`s sunlight kisses and midnight holds

My Heart catching fire from a whisper

And the butterflies that danced with all of them

My toes will remember

All of the moments in this life worth holding….

When’s the last time you felt something right down to your toes?



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