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Updated: Feb 9

Day 2 of another module of Myofascial Yoga Teachers Training ❤

My brain is pulsing with inspiration and possibilities that for now are choosing to remain just out of sight. I can feel them there with the very rhythm of who I am, vibrating just off in the peripheral. 

When I try to look directly at them or capture them with word or thought they teasingly , playfully dance just out of reach.  I have a feeling that what’s there will unfold with some sort of act of surrendering, letting go…..of everything that I think I know in this moment of time and space. 

I am enjoying the teasing none the less.  Taking time to enjoy every step and every transfer of weight in the slowest motion that I can within this matrix, within this world within worlds, within worlds!

We’ve all heard life is all about the journey not the destination but there is a depth to that thought that we rarely take the time to feel out.  My favorite dancing happens inside my mind teetering, balancing along the borders or boundaries of what I do and do not know. 

Within the grey that shimmers in between, around and through the black and white there lie infinite possibilities glimmering with hopes of a chance at expression or physical manifestation.  Possibility shimmers her iridescence with such joy it can be deafening to the eyes.

I love brain implodes that cause everything I feel or know to rethink, re-feel and reorganize.  Hence the title of this post, it’s rather orgasmic!


Dancing to the music of the cosmos

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