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The Tango

Updated: Feb 9

I am taking great pleasure in the company of the new threads of wisdom that were so generously shared and exquisitely inspired during this past week of Myo-Fascial Yoga teachers training with the wonderful Christine Wushke.

I feel a whole new level of understanding for the innate wisdom that is accessible in our own bodies.  I’ve always understood the concept of my body holding an intelligence capable of healing itself and while I’ve held this concept logically in my head on and off at different points in my life, it was superficial and fleeting.   I’ve never actually “felt” it until now.  I’m patiently waiting for the words to surface that may convey my new depth of understanding for others.

In the meantime I am revisiting the concept of balance from an earlier post.  I can feel that it is a continuous dance of give and take….of testing or pushing the boundaries… a never-ending contracting and expanding …of finding that point in the middle of where “compression” and ‘tension” meet in equal force …where they show up equally for one another.  As I practice being aware of this in my body, mind and soul I get stronger at feeling my way to this central point of energetic integrity where the most strength is available at any given time to draw upon.

The understanding that this is not a destination reached but an ongoing journey or dance where the tension is constantly explored makes this topic a lot more fun for me now! Again this is something I understood previously but on a more superficial level.

The dance of the Tango passionately explores this concept of give and take making it an applicable and often used metaphor for life.   The constant movement of male and female energy taking turns of pressing against one another with moments where the energy exhausted by both parties take place in equal force creating a brief pause of balance and strong stillness.  It takes my breath away to think about. At least this is how I imagine it to be, I’ve only ever seen it done in the movies.

Expanding awareness is akin to walking into a dark room and flipping a light switch.  That switch is always there and when flipped I can see and feel things on a whole new level.  It’s so much easier to walk, to run or dance with the lights on, although having to feel my way around in the dark adds a texture and depth to my experiences that strengthen my propioception and interoception for which I’m also grateful for.  I’m having a little fun switching the light on and off right now, until I bruise my shins metaphorically speaking at which point I may just add some permanent windows so that even in the darkness I may be guided by the moonlight.

I’m excited to brainstorm on how I can best weave my new understanding of the body and “fascia” in with the movement of “dance” that is so close to my heart.  I’m engaged in thought of 4D (or 5D or 6D!) versus 2D going forward, in hopes of embodying a more authentic universal, mind, body, soul approach. Utilizing the movement of dance and the medicine of music to aid in connecting others with their inner wisdom and strengthening their own awareness so as to spark the body wisdom they may need at any given time is an exciting prospect.  Dance is such a fun medium to do this with too! No idea what that is going to look like yet but feeling enthusiastic for the journey that this desire will take me on!


Relishing the Tango!

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