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Walk With ME

Updated: Feb 9

A world where insides meet outsides

In my early thirties, while going through a challenging time, I wished for a world where people wore their emotions on the outside.

Wearing Emotions on the Outside

I wanted to feel safe expressing my deepest feelings. I longed for a world where intentions and emotions were visible and transparent.

The Power of Feelers

I've learned that we have "feelers" that extend beyond our bodies. With awareness and practice, we can develop and use these senses.

Gentle Movement for Healing

Embodying and gently moving our bodies, especially in less-used areas, can help strengthen our interoception and extend our feelers.

Avoiding the Push to "More"

I had to unlearn the tendency to push my body and override its limits. Healing came from gentle and careful movement.

"Less is More" for Healing

The key to healing and nurturing a strong body is gentle, titrated movement that promotes functional movement and a place of presence and integrity.

Personalized Healing for Unique Bodies

Everyone's body has unique restrictions and stories. Fascia restrictions result from stored trauma, and unwinding can help redistribute tension and release pressure on nerves.

Unexplained Chronic Pain and Fascia Restrictions

Sometimes, pain in one area can be caused by a restriction in a different part of the body. Treating the symptom may provide temporary relief, but addressing the root cause is crucial.

Memories and Healing

Memories may surface during healing. Self-compassion and gentleness are important, along with a safe space and support.

Tremors and Energy Release

Light tremors or twitching can occur as stored energy releases. This might trigger the body's natural healing process to finish interrupted cycles.

Personal Healing Experience

During a meditation, gentle movement of my right arm released trauma and a restriction that had been affecting my left ankle for 27 years. Props can help hold limbs in awkward positions to facilitate release.

Fascia, Trauma, and Healing Wisdom

Fascia stores our life experiences. Trauma is a natural part of life, and our bodies have innate wisdom to heal.

Our Lives are Recorded

A brilliant and fascinating woman by the name of Joanne Avison shared this concept in the most beautiful and poetic way during one of my trainings, “Fascia is the page on which our lives are written”. She also shared ideas to further explore around the intelligence that with which we birthed ourselves. Considering this is the same intelligence we have access to in order to heal.

Healing is part of the natural ebb and flow of living a human life and so is experiencing trauma. Trauma doesn’t mean we are doing anything “wrong” or that we are “broken” and none of us get through life without it occurring.

Requiring healing is a sign of a well loved and lived life!

Invitation: Forest Walk Meditation

Imagine yourself walking along a warm dirt path, feeling the warmth of Sun and Earth under your feet. Take notice of your surroundings—perhaps trees, flowers, or blue sky. What do you sense?... Pause? Expansion? Contraction? Lightness?

Notice what you smell, as your toes press into the earth (or grass or carpet).

Walk along the path, noticing animals that appear or become curious. Perhaps send out a thought of invitation and love to your animal guide. Feel a calm and loving energy embrace you.

Walk into the forest, noticing the trees, their coloring, their whispering, and their receiving of stories from Wind. Take a moment to gently sway with a tree that speaks to you. Feel its embrace, its roots connecting you to Strength.

Allow any energy or emotions no longer serving you to be absorbed by the tree, where they can be transmuted into life-giving energy.

Notice Mushroom and Moss as they pop up to say hello and any medicine they may have for you, observing any messages they share with you.

Breathe, taking it all in. Feel the expansion energy of love around and within you, connecting you to all.

Walk along until you find a space that feels nurturing to you, whether it's alongside a stream or waterfall or in your safe and comfortable home.

Once there, gently turn your attention inward and begin to dance with your breath. Gently swaying. Notice the temperature of the air moving in and out of your nostrils—is it warm, cool, or fluctuating? Pay attention to where the breath lands in your body—the top of your chest, bottom of your lungs, your belly?

There is no right or wrong answer, just observe and breathe. Sense the nurturing quality of the air as it expands and contracts, first filling your upper chest, then the front of your lungs, and the back of your lungs, before expanding deep into your belly.

Notice the front and back of your belly expanding and contracting with each breath. Feel your ribs expanding out in all directions, and experiment with your belly rising on the inhale and collapsing on the exhale or vice versa.

Observe the differences and allow your breath to find its own natural rhythm, expanding into every cell of your body and the spaces in between. Do this for as long as it feels comfortable and natural.

Ending the Meditation

When you feel ready, gently reach your arms up to stretch or yawn. Allow your jaw to fall open, perhaps releasing a sigh or groan. Allow your body to move in small, gentle movements wherever it wants to go. Stay in your field, forest, or living room, moving physically or in your imagination, exploring with curiosity and love.

Coming Back to Awareness

When you feel ready, bring your awareness back to your breath, slowly opening your eyes and noticing the first few things you see, smell, and feel. Press each fingertip to your thumb on both hands or one hand at a time, wiggling your toes to connect with the surface beneath you. Know that you can return to this safe space at any time. Consider what you feel inspired to do next, whether it's dancing, singing, journaling, or taking a nap. Allow your spirit and body wisdom to guide you toward what's best for your well-being.

Closing Thoughts

Thank you for receiving and witnessing this blog post. May you find inspiration and healing in your own journey. Sending much love and light.


Inspired Again

Todays work has been brought to you by:

✨The book "Ancient Wounds", by John F. Barnes. Pick up your copy here!

✨Training in the 500 hour Trauma Informed Myofascial Yoga with Christine Wushke. You can find more information here!

✨Music that inspired our forest walk:

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