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Feeling Human

Updated: Feb 9

Feeling Feels!

You know that song, “Where do they come from, where do they go? The head, the heart, the soul?” Well, sometimes I can’t help but ask myself, what are these “feelings” good for anyway? Why do they always have to be such a rollercoaster?

I recently read a post by @goingyinward on Instagram that really resonated with me. It was about giving yourself permission to feel whatever you’re feeling in the moment—the good, the bad, and the ugly. It’s OK not to be OK, you know?

The interesting thing is, neuroscience research shows that we’re wired to seek out pleasure and avoid pain. It’s human nature to want to escape discomfort. But what if we didn’t try to run away from our pain? What if we welcomed it, sat with it like an old friend? After all, pain and discomfort might be messengers with something important to tell us.

I’ve struggled with this myself.

Feeling All the Feels

You know, the truth is, everything I think I know today could change tomorrow. Nothing is set in stone, and clinging onto any one thing—ideas, thoughts, people, emotions—can block up energy. Everything is meant to flow, to expand and contract.

Calling yourself names or forcing yourself to ignore your feelings with distractions doesn’t do anyone any favors.

So, why not join me on this journey of self-discovery? What would happen if we gave ourselves time and space to feel all our feelings, even the “ugly” ones? What if we invited discomfort in and asked it questions? What if we viewed our feelings as healthy messengers that add depth and texture to our lives? After all, you can’t know sunshine without darkness or pleasure without pain.

As Christine Wushke suggests in “Freedom is Your Nature,” maybe we could learn to “surf” our emotions instead of letting them throw us around.

Of course, I don’t have everything figured out, but…

Feeling Better Today

Today, I feel better knowing that I can give myself space to feel whatever darkness rolls through, and that I can have a new relationship with emotional and physical pain.

I realize that acknowledging negative feelings doesn’t mean I’m manifesting something awful, as the “Law of Attraction” may have us believe. There’s freedom in this. I can welcome Storm and his thunder because I know Lightning with her clarity will follow.

I can sit with Sadness, hold her, ask her why, and not judge her or let the world convince me I need to be “fixed.” I can scream, cry and throw my pillows.

I can twirl in the Rain when she comes to town because I know this feeling isn’t going to last forever. And I take shelter in knowing the music will play again. Perhaps this time even brighter with more heartfelt notes because I’ve rolled with the clouds and danced with the thunder!

Next time Mad, Sad, or Glad visit, maybe invite them in for tea. Give yourself time and space to really explore them. Put on some music, grab a notepad, and start taking notes. Give yourself permission to feel, and give yourself the same compassion you would to your loved ones.

What happens then? I’d love to hear form you, drop me a comment below!



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