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Dressed for Success

Updated: Feb 9

F*!k it

Have you been thinking about throwing in the towel lately? Maybe in regards to a creative project, passion, goal, job or perhaps it's just a general overall feeling in your life right now.

I get it

I’ve been there a few times both as a human and creative/entrepreneur. I have thrown in the towel on a few dreams over the years. Some of which I am still processing grief over.

How do you know?

Is it something in your best interest to let go of right now? Sometimes letting go creates space for new opportunities or ideas to drop in.


Before you pull the plug on whatever you are working on, I’d like to extend a gentle invitation to explore whether that feels like the next right step for you at this time....

Knock Knock

Perhaps it is not the dream or passion or project or art that is the problem? I mean you were gifted with the inspiration, weren’t you?

Who's there?

What does it feel like to ask yourself a bit more about how you define success? What does success look like for you?

Love Child – Self Inquiry

Do I enjoy doing what I do? Do I really need anything else from it other than that right now? Am I placing heavy expectation on something precious or am I demanding too much from my “love child”?

How does it feel?

When exploring my perception or expectation of success I found that it felt: sticky, judgmental, conditional, out of my control, out of reach, heavy, hard, no pain no gain. I need a certain amount of fame or followers or sales etc… I am choosing to release some of these perceptions that I’ve built up around “success” and what everyone else tells me that should look like.


Moving forward I’ve decided I’m going to spend more time each day embodying and keeping my idea of success: clean, free, light, easy, unique and flowing. I will follow my own path of what that means for me by doing what I love and enjoy most as much as I can. WIN!

Your work matters!

I promise you, when you are truly passionate about what you do, your actions create a ripple effect that reaches far beyond your awareness. Your love and dedication have the power to inspire and influence others, even in ways you may never know.

Can that be enough for today?

This picture has been hanging on my wall for years. I printed it off from somewhere at some point so I apologise, I am unable to credit the photographer. When I look at this picture it gives me a feeling of


Freedom from the world's judgment or perceptions. Success to me would be feeling like this picture makes me feel when I look at it. It fills me up with warmth & sunshine. Im in the moment and time feels like it’s standing still. I am consumed with passion and sheer joy. This is how I would like to feel every day for at least some of the time. I thought it paired well with one of my favorite quotes:

“Success is liking yourself, liking what you do and liking how you do it” Maya Angelou

I love so many of Maya Angelou’s quotes 💖 No better place for it than adding it to one of my favorite pictures!

Sounds easy right ? What does success feel like for you? I'd love to hear drop me a comment down below!👇

Booya! Happy Friday ya’ll!


The Butterfly Effect~🦋

Dance it out: “The Runway”- how would you walk or move if you achieved the type of success that you want in your life? I invite you to practise different ways of strutting your stuff, try it seriously, try it goofy, try it cool, try it grumpy, try it big, try it small, try it happy, get your peacock feathers out and swing those arms in George Jefferson style!😛 Moving on up!

Song for the day:

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